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A wide range of proven training courses designed by expert coaches with over 20 years of e experience in the field allows you to learn from their mistakes on how best to build your career or launch an online course platform successfully!


Leadership and management lessons are available to you at your own pace. There is no sequential order, so pick whichever lesson strikes your fancy first! You can use this platform to hone leadership skills over time. It’s much more than just some courses packaged together with nothing else added in between; think about how handy having all these resources suddenly becomes when trying desperately hard (or not even really trying) on developing yourself into an effective manager/team.

Youth Leadership Development

Learning Outcomes

Core Module Topics Extra Resources Career Path
What is leadership?
Certificate of Completion
Leadership styles
Teamwork, Goal Setting
Presentation slides
Team Leaders
Emotional intelligence
Building self esteem
Communication skills, building empathy
Empathy cards
Critical thinking, problem solving

Credit Hour and Commitment

This course is broken down into 07 modules and consists of slides and worksheets; therefore, it is projected that learners will spend approximately 7 hours in total on this course. The course has 07 modules of continuous lessons and roughly a 1 -hour commitment per module.

Who is it For?

This course is for youth aged 13 to 18 who desire to lead as youth leaders and become future leaders. Youth who want to contribute their quota to the society and leave a legacy in the world they live in.

Learning Outcomes

How to succeed on this course

We recommend taking this course in a quiet place with no distractions. Be in a comfortable position so that you can fully take part in the course materials. Take breaks before each session to ensure comfort and focus. Enjoy this journey.

Course Methods and delivery

Methods of Instruction Your Schedule Course Requirements
Methods of instruction include slide lesson/module, with the accompanying
worksheets. Interactions with the
instructor will be through email.
Full participation in the course is
essential to guarantee success.
You will have access to online lessons, materials, and resources.
This course is instructor facilitated.
Internet connection (DSL, LAN, or cable connection desirable).


$ 55