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Why Entrepreneurs Need to Approach Social Media Like Athletes and Celebrities

Former pro baseball player Dominic Blanco breaks down the power of social media — and how we all can tap into it.

Why Entrepreneurs Need to Approach Social Media Like Athletes and Celebrities

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Dominic Blanco
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Social media is such a valuable tool — for everyone. Celebrities and athletes use it to stay connected to their fans and entrepreneurs need to have the same approach when it comes to building a following.

I spent five years playing professional baseball — three years with the Seattle Mariners organization and two years playing in the Minnesota Twins organization. From the first day of training camp throughout my entire career, the importance of the fans was always stressed.

After all, without fans, I wouldn’t have had that amazing opportunity to play baseball for a living. Young athletes with potential for professional careers are groomed these days to build a social media following — one that they can take along with them on their journey.

Celebrities do the same — and it’s something that I see more entrepreneurs do these days as well. Why? Well, now being an entrepreneur is perceived as being “cool” — more so than it was a few years ago.

We can thank TV shows like Shark Tank for bringing more attention to the entrepreneurial space and making it appear to be glamorous, even though it isn’t. Here are some reasons entrepreneurs should spend the time to build a strong social media following.

Personal connection is invaluable

When I was playing baseball social media was a way to allow fans into our life — on the field and the road. Sometimes simply replying to a tweet thanking them for the support would make their day. In return it made them support the team more.

Celebrities, for example, can build a strong following and it creates that connection that movie studios and networks look for when casting. They know if they bring that person onto a project their following will tune in because of that connection. It’s priceless value.