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What They Are Saying About Me; Irene

“The Coaching from Irene was intuitive and straightforward. No fluff. The insights gained from being able to walk through an issue in a forward way helped me reach a decision that I had put off for way too long. I recommend executive coaching from this highly professional and knowledgeable businesswoman for anyone looking to work through a business challenge.”

-Trevor Grant

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- Courtney B

“So relieved after our meeting! I have a much clearer direction to work in and some great tools to help me make better decisions going forward. Absolutely recommend.”

- Christina Bell

“Irene is very knowledgeable in what she does. I highly recommend her!”

- Steven Rees

“The meetings were very much in-depth and more than we expected. We really needed Iren’s guidance and she delivered. We will use the services again once we have implemented the recommended changes.”

- Ivan Mahan

“Very competent and proficient service... I will be using the firm's service again and I can recommend them for operational efficiency needs.”

- Erika Rednick

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