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Learn necessary fundamentals and acquire a valid plan to transform your business ideas into Financial Assets in this six-week program.

At the end of six weeks, you will have a product, service, or business either ready to launch or at an advanced stage pre-launch.

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Attend To Get a Clear Picture Of What’s Needed To Do It The Right Way!

This program has been designed to help people establish the feasibility of their idea or project and to prepare a fully comprehensive plan that will aid a smooth transition into a financial asset. After finishing this program, you will have a clear plan, certain resources, and abilities as well as greater profitability potential for your next business venture. 

Here’s What Included In This Six-Week Program

We have divided this collaborative validplan program into three major categories. 


  1. The Validation: In this part, you’ll learn to validate your idea prior to launching your business. Necessary research and market analysis to test the idea before they’re released to the general public. The validation process involves almost everything from competitor analysis and industry trends to pricing your services/products and organizational structure.


  1. The Execution Plan: After validation, we will move to the “how-to” part for your venture. A clear execution plan is a tool you use on a regular basis to manage the business, to communicate your critical goals, the timing of deliverables, and to celebrate your successes. You’ll be able to put an effective execution plan that covers milestones and tasks for your business to achieve as well as resources required to make them happen.


  1. Effective Implementation of resources to aid a successful launch: Last but not least, you’ll be able to learn how to conduct market surveys to optimize your business for better, what investors look for in a venture and the elevator pitch of your idea at a glance. All in all, an effective approach to using available resources effectively to successfully launch your business.

Fully-Collaborative Hands-on Experience Program:


✔ 6 Live Zoom Sessions

✔ Assignment After Each Session

✔ Powerpoint Slides

✔ Idea Presentation by Attendees

✔ Videos of Successful Strategies

✔ Role Plays

✔ Q/A 

✔ Certificate of Participation

Who Should Enroll?


▶ Anyone who wants to get out of the rat race/seeking financial freedom/even exploring multiple streams of income.


▶ People who have a business idea but don’t know how to start it/transform it into a full-fledged business, eventually into an asset.


▶ No age limit,

Some Key Benefits Of this Program

The following are just a few of the benefits of attending this program curriculum:

  • No prior work or business experience required to take this course.
  • Learn key business topics, frameworks, and language to help you navigate the business world.
  • Get a head start in your business career by moving in the right direction from day one.
  • Stand-out among your competitors by doing multiple pre-launch analysis.
  • Enhance your business profitability potential by forecasting an effective business execution plan.
  • Reduce the risk of starting/doing business by taking calculated steps.
  • Interact with experts and others in the field through virtual instructor-led offerings.
  • Determine if your business idea is right for you personally and professionally while pursuing other passions.

About the Instructor

Irene Agunbiade is a woman, author, leadership consultant, and sought-after speaker that has thrived in the world of business and finance for over 20 years in the areas of management & leadership. She has a track record of improving organizational bottom line & helping people to maximize their potential and achieve personal growth & effectiveness. 

Tell Me Why?

Sadly, most people have ideas but don’t know what to do with it and how to tailor it into a business. They may have found solutions to some problems but don’t know exactly how to offer their solution to earn profits and help society in-return. If you are struggling with this and don’t know how to effectively present and implement your idea – this course is the opportunity for you. Entrepreneurship is not a myth, it’s just simple business etiquette anybody needs to learn before jumping into any venture. 


Plus, starting a business can be overwhelming for most of us. The main reason to have this validplan six-week program is to help businesses/entrepreneurs avoid easily preventable risks and costly damages. We conduct this program collaboratively by proactively identifying all future potential threats and describing all the details on how to address them effectively. This program can be extremely helpful for your next business venture, especially if you’re just starting work on your own plan.

Whatever the reason your idea has been lying fallow, you owe it to yourself to explore it as far as you can for viability before giving up on it.

Forecast Your Next Business Idea Before Spending a lot of money, time & Effort