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Identifying Opportunities

This morning, my reflections on life in general took me on a path (and a fact) that really, and truly, it’s never too late to start afresh. A lot of people have regrets in life. Most people would have one thing or another that they wish that they had done differently and that, given the opportunity, they would.
Which makes me wonder exactly what exactly is meant by “opportunity?”
I went to the Collins dictionary and it defines opportunity as “A situation in which it is possible for you to do something that you want to do.”
If this is so, surely, a lot of us do get more opportunities on a daily basis than we are aware of or are willing to acknowledge.
My challenge to everyone today is to look at that thing that you have always wanted to do but have not yet done due to one thing or another.
Now, take a look at the definition of opportunity again and make a list of the situations or events or factors (whatever you choose to call it) that make it possible to do that thing now. I daresay if we do this often, there would come a day that the list has grown so much that we actually get a “green light” to “go” for it.
In my book, The Road To Value, I wrote about how oftentimes, people view time, age, challenges, lack of money or even inexperience as barriers preventing them from achieving their goals. Why not view these differently? What is it about your age, your experience, what you learned from those challenges, etc, that now makes you a perfect candidate to go for that job, that business, write that book, and achieve your dreams?
You see, it depends on how we look at things. How are you viewing things?
My challenge today to anyone reading this is, “revisit and review your goals and opportunities. You may have more going for you than you think.