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How to communicate with Confidence & Impact

How to Communicate with Confidence & Impact?

Some people are natural-born communicators, while others may have to train themselves to communicate assertively and with confidence. However, communicating with confidence isn’t rocket science, and with little practice, perseverance, and determination, you can overhaul your communication skills to the level of an expert. 


The first thing you need to possess when trying to communicate with confidence is clarity. Not having clarity would give birth to self-doubt and would not let you speak from the point of authority. Research and work hard to clear your doubts before you’re going for a meeting, conference, seminar, or presentation. The idea is to send the message across clearly. Be simple and natural in your approach rather than trying to present yourself as too sophisticated. It may present you as overbearing or aggressive rather than confident. 

Listen Carefully

Communication is a two-way street, and you need to make sure that you listen to the other side as well. Don’t just keep putting your point across without letting the other side express themselves. Empathy and open-mindedness are two important qualities you need to have to be a good communicator. So, don’t revolve the communication only around yourself or keep interrupting. 

Body Language

If your body language does not align with your ‘confident’ verbal cues, it will present a very confusing picture. Have a firm posture that resonates with your belief in what you’re saying. Be actively involved with what you’re saying through hand movements and facial expressions. It helps in not only communicating confidently but showcases your involvement and belief in whatever you’re communicating about.


People often prioritize confidence and making an impact so much that they forget to relax. Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to relax. If you’re not relaxed, your heart will race, you’ll juggle with your words, and you’ll end up presenting a very confusing picture as opposed to what you had in mind. Stay in control by taking a tiny pause once in a while when needed. 

Think Before You Speak

Whether it is an important meeting or a business conference where you’re asked to speak or anywhere else, proceedings might not go as smoothly as you may want. You might be presented with difficult questions or concerns. Be succinct in your answers, and do know that it is okay to take time to think before responding. To present confidence and leave an impact, your words matter more than trying to answer instantaneously. 

Your appearance and dressing style does matter as well when it comes to communicating confidently in person. Your personality matters, so have a neat appearance and dress to impress. Following the above pointers would ensure that you’re in control of your thoughts. It will help you manoeuvre through the meeting with confidence while ensuring you make a positive impact.