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Helpie FAQ

Helpie FAQ

  • Is this good for any concept?

    This course is beneficial to all types of concepts; products or services. There are certain strategies and best practices that anyone wishing to monetise their idea should engage in if they really want their venture to be profitable. Whether your idea is for a product or a service, these strategies will benefit you in a big way. This course covers practical steps that are easy for anyone to follow.

  • Is this a physical product?

    With this masterclass, the only physical products that will be mailed are the bonuses. The course itself is an interactive live course delivered by the instructor via Zoom.sessions weekly

  • I am not sure I have the time to dedicate to this program right now. How much time will it take for me to be successful?

    We all lead demanding, busy lives. Trust me, I know. That is why I have broken up the training into weekly bite size lessons which require minimal time investment. The masterclass is on weekly every Saturday for 6 six weeks for 90 minutes every week. There will be work for you to go through at your own pace, so you can go through it anyway you like. Some students like to block out an afternoon and go through everything marathon style while others like to jump in and learn whenever they can. 

  • Will you write business plans, do marketing, plan sales for me?

    While we will not write business, financial and marketing plans, we will show you how to either do these yourselves or where you can get it done. We will cover every phase required to transform your idea into a financial asset. Some students choose to write these plans themselves whilst others choose to hire experts to write them. The choice is yours. 

  • When is the next course start date?

    The next course start date is Saturday, the 24th of October and every week thereafter until Saturday the 28th of November 2020