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Emerging Leadership Trends 2020

Emerging Leadership Trends 2020

One of the qualities of a great leader is to be adaptive and evolve with the changing times. Taking proactive steps to stay ahead of the changing times and to improve their leadership capabilities is essential for every leader. The year 2020 has seen a dramatic shift in the dynamics of what makes a great leader. 

To be ready for the future that lies ahead, it is essential to stay on top of the leadership trends that have become an essential attribute to survive and thrive. Here, we would discuss some of the top leadership trends of 2020.

Flexibility in Work Timings

There are many examples of how big and middle-market companies have improved their performance and productivity by experimenting with a 4-day workweek. From the traditional point of view, it may seem to do just the opposite. But, companies like Microsoft Japan and “Shake Shake” has seen a massive increase in performance to the tune of over 40 percent performance-wise. 

Leaders need to focus on giving their employees the flexibility they need to increase their productivity while empowering them with tools and technology that supports them in the process. 

Leading Remote Workers

One of the global trends that have seen rapid adoption worldwide is working remotely and hiring remote workers. It is cost-effective, saves commute time, and reduces stress in ways more than one can imagine. However, it does come with its own set of challenges. 

Learning to lead remote workers requires clarity and the ability to set clear standards. Fostering the culture of constant communication and transparency, as well as building trust, is essential. Leaders need to focus on mastering the art of creating strategies that work coherently with business goals while not letting working remotely become a burden. 


Eliminating the need for the unnecessary hierarchy is an emerging trend in 2020. Leaders need to believe in collective leadership and allow employees to explore their creativity and imagination to take calculated risks. Creating simple job titles for all employees instead of conventional job designations helps eliminate ego-driven issues that often hinder productivity, performance, and impact work culture negatively. Leadership in 2020 will be more inclined towards simplicity and action rather than the age-old leadership philosophy. 

Leadership is the ability to get the job done well in a collaborative manner, keeping all the parties involved happy and satisfied. Ensuring that the clients are happy with the results and the employees are recognized and rewarded for their effort requires leaders to take a holistic approach. Keep a check on what is going on in the company, industry, and world to stay updated and know what needs to be done to achieve organizational goals.