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Effective Leaders Do Not Do These!

There seems to be no thumb rule for effective leadership as there are so many leaders out there who have achieved a lot in their own unique ways. Even though their attitude, approach, and leadership styles are quite different from each other, they have managed to get the results. While we all have a general idea of what a leader should be – a strong and determined team worker who understands, adapts, and promotes equality, we rarely debate what effective leaders shouldn’t do. It is what we would be discussing in this article. 

Insult People

Leaders can be tough in their approach but should not transgress into a bully. A bully often resorts to finding someone to blame or punish when going gets tough, but a leader works as a constructive part of the team to rectify the problem. It does not mean that team would be allowed to get cosy at their work. Mistakes should be pointed out for sure, but leaders allow employees to rectify their mistakes. 

Decision Making 

True leaders do not fear making harsh and difficult decisions. They understand the importance of taking the advice of peers, colleagues, friends, and mentors, but understand that buck stops with them. They are ready to take the plunge when the situation calls for it and are prepared for the consequences of their decision. They do not doubt their ability to judge or make decisions. 

Failing in Goal Setting

Leaders should have a clear vision and defined goals. It is what helps them to stay focused and determined as well as pave the way to achieve those goals. Unless the leaders know where they are heading, it would be impossible for them to guide the others in the organization in the right direction. 

Believe You Know Everything

Successful leaders never hesitate to ask for advice and suggestions. Instead, great leaders are curious and always keep asking questions to gather as much knowledge and information they can to make the right decision. Leaders know they are not the best or the smartest, but instead, know how to get things done by hiring people who are smarter than them. 

Don’t Ignore Mental and Physical Health

Leaders are well-aware of the responsibilities that lay on their shoulders. They know that they won’t fulfill their role as a leader unless they are fit, active, and able. For this reason, they take good care of their mental, spiritual, and physical health and don’t neglect its importance. 

Don’t Hold on to Grudges, Anger, and Resentment

Great leaders know how to handle their emotions and don’t hold on to anger, grudges, and resentment. It is mostly because they are too determined to move ahead, achieving goals and progress. It allows them to understand that such negative emotions can be a stumbling block on the way. 

Effective leaders are focused personalities who are great managers of people as well as themselves. They are organized in their thoughts, actions, and emotions, which help them think clearly, plan strategically, and act pragmatically. With that said, they don’t expect to win always, but they aim to win always, and handle failures gracefully as well.