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A wide range of proven training courses designed by expert coaches with over 20 years of e experience in the field allows you to learn from their mistakes on how best to build your career or launch an online course platform successfully!


Leadership and management lessons are available to you at your own pace. There is no sequential order, so pick whichever lesson strikes your fancy first! You can use this platform to hone leadership skills over time. It’s much more than just some courses packaged together with nothing else added in between; think about how handy having all these resources suddenly becomes when trying desperately hard (or not even really trying) on developing yourself into an effective manager/team.


Productivity & Peak Performance Accelerator

Achieve Productivity & Business Efficiency Faster!

The most important thing in business is productivity. It requires planning and strategising. This course covers everything realted to productivity and peak performance. It defines the concepts of and enumerates their different applications. Review and assess invididual productivity, business productivity, and use the finance module to assess economic productivity. Learn also how to plan projects and tasks for improved productivity.

With these essential skills for employee and organisational growth,  you will become a valuable asset to any business. Become more effective at what matters most – get results without spending too much time. 

Sales Skills

The right sales strategies are crucial for scaling your business. Learn what it takes in this program and make sure you have all the skills needed to succeed with our reliable certificate of completion!

Communication & Interpersonal Skills

This course will help you learn how to manage your relationships at work better so that not only can the people around you feel valued but also invested in what they do. You’ll be able to take on new challenges with confidence by working alongside others excited about their jobs!

Leading with impact

This course will help you understand the skills needed for leadership and improve your business strategy. You’ll learn about developing a vision and engaging employees through creativity or incentives like performance bonuses, which are essential in transforming an organization!

Business Start-Up Training


Transform your ideas into financial assets

The course will teach you how to take your great ideas and turn them into a successful business. The program is ideal for those who have recently set up or are planning on starting their businesses with proven strategies that work!

Customer Service Skills Training

If you are looking for a way to improve your interpersonal skills or build service team excellence, this program is a perfect choice. It will help managers and non-managerial staff members with proven content that’s easy to understand and designed to achieve outstanding results.

Complaint Handling Skills

The art of customer service is not easy to master, but it can be accomplished with practice. This course will help you improve your client retention and organizational reputation by teaching how to handle difficult customers professionally and teach the process for creating complaints handling procedures that create effective care culture within organizations.

Presentation Skills

Power up your presentations with these expert tools and insights to give a first-class presentation. Find out how you can make winning arguments, connect emotionally with audiences of all sizes (including those composed primarily of women), motivate them into action without being pushy or overbearing – it’s time for an exciting change in the way we communicate!

Team Building Skills

Teamwork is an essential part of any job. Research shows that over seventy per cent (70%) focused on building and supporting teams have reported improvement in these critical areas: product/service quality, customer service, and productivity & profitability.

Enhanced Employability Skills


The skills every employee needs to succeed . For those seeking employment, a career change or career advancement.

The course will equip participants with the soft skills employers are looking for and aid success in today’s market. A must-have if you want your resume to stand out from others!

Value Booster Course

By the end of this course, you will be able to understand value mindset and limitations. You’ll also learn to embrace change, for it transforms your life into something greater than before!

Advanced Leadership Training


Every leader & aspiring leader’s go-t0-guide for transformational & effective leadership.

Learners will be equipped with the skills needed to build effective teams and operational systems & cultures. Leaders can develop their people’s motivation while also teaching them how they need to operate to achieve peak performance at work!

The Future of Work & Workplace Strategy


Master the future way of working & make it work for you. For Business owners, Professionals, Leaders & aspiring Leaders.

By the end of this course, learners will understand how to think creatively and be more internationally competitive in the industry. They’ll also know what it takes to succeed in a rapidly changing world where technology drives changes faster than ever!

Youth Leadership Development

This course is an online leadership development program designed for youth.- youth leaders and potential future leaders. This program teaches the skills, tools and habits used by successful leaders. Learners will explore core leadership concepts to help them communicate their ideas, make better decisions and collaborate more effectively.


Check out how the Leadership. Business Strategy. Learning Program looks and feels in this short behind-the-scenes video.