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Building Better Relationships with People without Compromising your Values

We all want to have a fulfilling relationship with people we know, but unfortunately, many of our relationships are not evenly balanced. It is primarily because of a lack of depth and strength, which are the key components of a fulfilling relationship. Many of our relationships, starting from acquaintances at work to people in our neighborhood, are superficial or even shallow in nature. When the relationships are not based out of care, compassion, and mutual respect but purely out of selfish reason and need, it not only tends to be brittle but also eats up on our core value system.
Define Core Values
It is important to have a core set of values that bind your life together, guides you in the right direction, and helps you make better decisions in life. Our relationships with others shouldn’t interfere with our core values of life because if it does, it can be demeaning in the long-term. We are often under the misconception that to build a better relationship, we have to compromise, but it can’t be further from the truth. While we do have to be flexible in relationships, you don’t need to compromise on your core values to make relationships sustainable.
Be Honest and Truthful
One of the best ways to building better relationships is to be honest, and truthful always. Sometimes it may require you to say things to the other person that come across as hurtful or unpleasant. However, saying a truth today would save you from saying a thousand lies tomorrow that can potentially hurt your relationship further. When you do this often, people will come to respect you for your honesty. People would find the reason behind what you said and why rather than judging you for speaking without mincing your words.
Always give respect, and look for it. Lack of respect in any relationship can be self-destructive. It is one of the common core values of life we all stand for. There should be empathy and equality in every relationship you share because it is these qualities that cement the relationship with time. Respect, empathy, trust, and equality, allow the relationship to grow with time, and most of all, paves the way for better understanding. When people have a better understanding of each other, they identify each others’ core values as well and know enough not to do or say anything that may come across as insensitive.
It is important to communicate often and freely to express and share your feelings, opinions, and even grievances. Communicating often allows the relationship to heal itself from the wears and tears it suffers from regularly. Better communication helps with establishing transparency in a relationship, which clearly showcases the core values you standby. When others know what you stand for, it creates a sense of respect as well as a boundary that is not easily crossed.
Handle Disagreements With Care
It is okay to disagree or say ‘No.’ You don’t have to compromise on your values for a relationship. If a relationship is based on compromise and falsehood, it would reveal itself sooner or later, and it would then become irreversibly shallow. It is better to voice your disagreement or clearly say “No” rather than beating around the bush.
Compassion and Gratitude
Lastly, it is important to be kind, grateful, compassionate, and loving towards the people in your life. It would help you identify when to stand up for your core values and when to standby the people in your life without getting confused in the process.