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In a face-paced world, many are left confused on how to navigate a purposeful and impactful life journey even though we all hold great potential within us. Rather than wasting your years living in an uninspired state of mind, Irene teaches you how to take control of the life you desire by living productively and achieving your goals. With insights that ignite powerful momentum, Irene will assist you in making the most of your opportunities to excel by providing you with a comprehensive blueprint that empowers and enlightens your process of thought.

Education & Background of Expertise

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Irene is profoundly motivated and enjoys empowering leaders to flourish in their life purpose. With an undergraduate and international mater’s in Engineering, Irene is immensely educated in the science and skill of personal, professional, and organizational development. With an established and celebrated leadership experience she greatly recognizes the theoretical and practical fundamentals of business process, and the performance of people. Irene specializes in leadership development with a highly specialized focus on enhancing performance and successful outcomes. Through a compelling professionalism, Irene captivates others with her intelligent strategies for sustainable long-term growth and business ideas inspire future leaders to get the results they desire by living purpose driven and value producing lives.

Speaking Events

Irene is a captivating and personable public speaker that gifts audiences with engaging and thought-provoking speeches and workshops that incorporate anecdotes from her own life.

Irene frequently speaks on leadership, personal and organizational effectiveness and offers audiences insight into the world of purpose fulfilment and value creation she has experience throughout her own journey to success. She movingly addresses issues relevant to a variety of audiences such as how people define success, the importance of taking the time to develop confidence, acquire skills and being dedicated to the pursuit of value.

From workshops for leading companies, community groups, churches and colleges to keynote speeches, Irene’s sessions are profiled as “engaging, inspiring and exceeding all our expectations.” Passionate about her work, Irene’s aim is to motivate others to live purposefully, achieve their dreams, and impact their world through numerous proven models that assist individuals, business and organizations in actualizing their visions to revive their brand and objectives.


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Throughout her bountiful publications, Irene’s writings are aimed at supporting others in bringing forth desired transformations and success at all levels that gift readers with impactful inspiration. Find out more

Giving Back

Irene is a frequent participant in mentoring youth and adults and has pioneered numerous leadership and transformational programs that assist others in creating scalable, successful businesses and value-driven initiatives, both locally and internationally for communities who would not otherwise have access to such resources. Irene believes in offering those who are disadvantaged an opportunity to tap into their inner ability to achieve greatness regardless of the odds that stand in their way.

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Core Values

Excellence, Innovation & Growth

  1. We encourage and foster excellence by empowering productivity in others.
  2. We celebrate growth as being the fuel that allows people to strive for and attain elite levels of success in all areas of their life.
  3. Through diligence, focus and commitment anyone can achieve excellence in life.
  4. We assist people in understanding that before anyone can deliver value to others, they must first discover it within themselves.
  5. We believe innovation is the only way to a progressive future.

Want To book An Insightful  & Practical Speaker Session For Your Group, Work, Community, School, or College On A Range Of Topics That Add Great Value

Increase Your Value Conference

Irene’s internationally acclaimed Increase Your Value conferences attracts attendees from numerous continents across Europe, America, and Africa to the UK to experience profound positivity and inspiration from here captivating insight. The successful outcomes recorded at these events are the result of “Aha moments” that generate paradigm shifts resulting in positive life transformations in the personal lives, careers, businesses, ministries as well as other life endeavors of all attendees.

  • Your virtues boost your value. Define what matters most in your life and use them as your guiding compass from this moment forward.
  • Set excellence as your performance standard in all areas of your life and seek to achieve this every day.
  • Gift value to the lives of others as shared knowledge is a powerful tool that will guide societies to progressive and inclusive futures.
  • Invest in yourself by seeking profound personal developments by acquiring new skills and reviving your confidence.

Increase your value conference

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Your values boost your value. Define your personal values and consistently live by them
Set excellent performance as your standard and aim to achieve it everyday
Add value to the lives others. Knowledge shared is powerful
Invest in yourself and seek personal development and acquire new skills