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Irene Agunbiade is a woman that has thrived in the world of business and finance for over 20 years in the areas of management & leadership. She has a track record of improving organisational bottom line & helping people to maximise their potential and achieve personal growth & effectiveness. She is an acclaimed published author of 7 books, a visionary corporate leader, a sought-after speaker & leadership consultant. Irene has a fiery passion for people development and empowerment and developing transformational leaders. She is the Founder of innovative models, including, “potential unwrapped” which empowers people to achieve growth in their field of endeavour. She is the convener of the renowned “Increase Your Value” & the “Future Leaders Empowerment” conferences.


We live in a fast-paced world. Many people are left reeling, and some are unsure of how to navigate through the impact of rapid changes. Since we all have a massive amount of potential inside us, instead of letting it go to waste, shouldn’t we simply let it out? Train it to fly? We think so! With insights that ignite powerful momentum, Irene helps people to make the most of their opportunities and excel and provides a full blueprint to Empowerment, Enlightenment, and Great Value!

Education, Expertise & Experience

Irene enjoys training and empowering leaders to thrive in their purpose. She holds a first degree (BSc) in Engineering and an MBA (international) postgraduate degree and is educated in the science and skill of personal, professional and organisational development. With an established leadership experience, she understands the theoretical and practical fundamentals of business processes, and people performance. Irene specialises in Leadership development for performance improvement and success. She is good at presenting growth strategies and business ideas in a compelling and professional way that helps leaders and aspiring managers get results. Her unique approach leads to permanent growth and change. Her own life journey in discovering her true purpose also allows her to give individuals tips and directions that help them live purpose driven and value producing lives.



Irene is a personable public speaker who provides engaging and thought-provoking speeches, talks and workshops which include anecdotes from her life, providing audiences with a fascinating insight into the world of purpose fulfilment and value creation. Irene speaks frequently on leadership, personal and organisational effectiveness. She poignantly addresses issues relevant to a variety of audiences such as how people define success, the importance of taking the time to develop confidence, acquire skills and being dedicated to the pursuit of value. She is the creator of a variety of proven models that help individuals, businesses and organisations actualise their visions and revive their brands.                                        From workshops for leading companies, community groups, churches and colleges to keynote speeches, Irene’s sessions are profiled as “engaging, inspiring and exceeding all our expectations.” Passionate about her work, Irene’s aim is to motivate others to live purposefully, achieve their dreams, and impact their world.


.Irene’s writing is aimed at helping to bring about desired transformation at all levels. Her books, speaking and courses are designed to achieve this. She has written and published 7 books for youth and adults including: “Your Idea Could Change Your World,” “Women Achieving Greatness,” “Enter The League of Success,” and “Become Tomorrow’s Leader.” These materials are proving to be impactful and facilitating true change.

Giving Back

Irene participates in mentoring programs to youth and adults alike and has pioneered a youth leadership program, a program for helping people transform their ideas into viable businesses and projects. She also participates in speaking events and panels, and supports organisations around the world that are dedicated to educating and providing opportunities to people who would not otherwise have access.

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Core Values

Excellence, Innovation & Growth

We encourage and foster Excellence by encouraging the qualities of being outstanding and putting your best into everything you do.  Excellence requires diligence, focus, and commitment no matter what you are involved in. Growth is desired by many. Some people want personal growth and for some, it may be business, educational or professional growth that is desired. Our focus on growth is in order to help people to strive for and attain a higher level of effectiveness in their field of endeavour.

Whilst passivity is a choice, it is not a solution. Before anyone can deliver value, they must have it. We celebrate those for whom value and excellence is already a reality and we aim to help many more people see that this does not have to remain a possibility only.
This can indeed be their living  reality.  Innovation is the way forward.  The principle guiding it is that an idea or concept be transformed into something that solves a problem, meets a need and creates value.

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Increase Your Value Conference

Irene is the convener of the highly successful “INCREASE YOUR VALUE” conferences. Though based in the UK, this conference attracts male and female attendees from different continents such as: Europe, America as well as Africa who are being impacted to make positive and oftentimes, long desired changes in their lives that help to achieve their goals, achieve growth and increase the capacity to deliver great value to their world. The successful outcomes recorded at these events are the result of “Aha moments” which create paradigm shifts ultimately resulting in life transforming changes in the personal lives, careers, businesses, ministries as well as other life endeavours.


Increase your value conference 2020

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