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Being impactful in 2021

Irene Agunbiade is a woman that has thrived in the world of business and finance for over 20 years in the areas of management & leadership. She has a track record of improving organisational bottom line & helping people to maximise their potential and achieve personal growth & effectiveness. She is an acclaimed Bestselling  author with 8 books, to her credit, a visionary corporate leader, a sought-after speaker & leadership consultant.

Through her work, Irene Agunbiade offers strategies proven to work over years of developing strong leaders, and confident women and men from all walks of life. Her expertise also comes from decades of empowering people as well as organisations to achieve peak performance.

Irene has a fiery passion for people development and empowerment and developing transformational leaders. She is the Founder of innovative models, including, “potential unwrapped” which empowers people to achieve growth in their fields of endeavour. She is the convener of the renowned “Increase Your Value” conference which has helped many people gain the momentum needed to achieve their visions. She is also the visionary of the “Future Leaders Empowerment” program, developing strong core values in the youth and preparing them for leadership.


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